Elementals and Golems
Table of Contents Elementals Cores Bodies Minds Capabilities Creation and Reproduction Golems Cores Bodies Minds Capabilities Creation Trap Golems and Utility Golems Elementals No creature is more magical than elementals. They are beings of zizik through and through. If you see a whirling firestorm moved around by invisible forces, you have just laid your eyes upon a blazizik elemental. If a seemingly harmless pile of rubble suddenly rises and forms a multilegged beast with a gaping maw l…

Table of Contents Alizizik and Its Aspects Aezizik Azizik Blazizik Hozizik Izizik Lizizik Nokzizik Trezizik Veins, Surges, Storms, and Wells Sensing and Using Magic Superior and Inferior Magical Creatures Learning and Practicing Magic Magic-Induced Insanity and Death Magic Vessels Enchantments Mutation Souls Alchemy Magic exists. It is a primordial energy, a force of nature that stands above its laws. It affects and changes the world and all that live on it. How magic came to be is unknown.…