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Threa is a thriving world brimming with life in all its manifestations and their variations. Many of its creatures and plants are fantastical, even magical, thanks to the zizik that pervades the ground, water, and air. While this has permitted unbelievable creatures – notably elementals – to live and even reproduce, the fauna, flora, and funga of Threa are still overall the result of a natural evolution, and they adhere to the limits of multicellular organisms.

In fact, the flora and funga of the world is like that of Earth with a few Threan additions. All of these extras are special, magical, or significant (or all three) in one way or another, and worthy of note hence, which is why they are detailed in the respective compendium. The other plants and mushrooms of Threa – the Earthly ones – are not explained on this website. You will have to seek other sources to educate yourself on the oak, beech, nettle, or the button mushroom.

The fauna is a stark contrast in this manner. No creature that exists on Earth also exist on Threa, not without alterations, be they magical or natural. Saurians and avians are the dominant lifeforms. Mammals do exist, but they are limited to small forms on land, such as rodents, mustelids, bats, certain ungulates, and lagomorphs. In the waters, they have managed to acquire greater shapes, though even there they cannot rival the size of the saurians – some of their aquatic cousins are truly enormous. Humans, or any primates for that matter, do not exist at all. Lin, wolshaks, and dragons make up all intelligent life.

Summarized, Threan fauna is different from that of Earth in almost every case. The fauna compendium serves to list those creatures that have come up in play, tale, or are significant to the world in other ways.