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Various recreational written works about Threa are listed on this page. They have a multitude of forms, but they primarily consist of stories, short and long ones.


Author: Rackiera Kzera

Tavra Fangrender, eldest daughter of Arlek Fangrender, the renowned dragonslayer and ealdorman of Airelheim, has a forbidden fascination – dragons. Her name will be spoken across thousands of miles and written in history, but at the dawn of her tale, she is just the black apple of her family. Follow her story as she learns the forbidden truths of Threa and finds a world much larger than the one her people sold her.

Prologue: Sparking Passion

Dawntreader Chapter 00 – 482 az (PDF)

Chapter 01: The Great Migration

Dawntreader Chapter 01 – 496 az (PDF)

Threa Chronicles

This is a series of true tales from across Threan history, serving to showcase the world and its components in an entertaining fashion rather than a purely neutral, factual one like the rest of the website.

Entries belonging to Threa Chronicles are sorted by their start dates in chronological, ascending order; the tales with the latest start dates are at the bottom.

495.2.09.3 – Rise of Jamgadir

→ WIP, Author: Draa Gul

Work in progress! Check back later!