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The map is interactive! Click on the map to enlargen it, then click region to jump to its page. Also, note that the map is not accurate. It is merely supposed to give an idea of Threa's geographic situation. Maps of specific regions (if available) are more accurate and provide detail.

Geographically speaking, Threa is a continent located almost entirely in the northern hemisphere of its planet. It begins just south of the equator, and extends nearly all the way up to the north pole. The continent ends just 300 km before reaching it, measured from its northernmost islands. If one measures the distance to the pole from the northern end of the primary landmass instead, the distance equals roughly 1,500 km. Threa spans across all geographical zones along its north-south axis and has a varied topology. Hence it features nearly all possible climates and thus biomes.

Based on these criteria, Aezkian scholars have broadly divided Threa into multiple chunks. From equator to pole, these major regions are: Secret Sanctuary, Searing Desert, Aezrikka Zule, Zephyr Plains, Starless Forest, Sunblessed Lands, Four-Faced Forests, Frigid Frontier, and Frozen Wastes. The aptly named Archipelago is currently unknown to anyone on the mainland, but it would be a major region of its own located between, latitude-wise, the Four-Faced Forests and the Frigid Frontier. 

Located on the equator, the Secret Sanctuary is a typical tropical rainforest. It is humid and hot, and home to an amazingly diverse flora and fauna. Most of its land is uncharted and the majority of its inhabitants unseen by the peoples living further north. As far as they know, no civilization has ever existed in the Secret Sanctuary. It belongs entirely to the wildlife.

The Searing Desert is a textbook desert. Sunlight burns down on the region, and the mountains framing it stop clouds before they can bring rain, leaving the land arid. Only where the numerous rivers flow or oases breach the sands can flora, fauna, and civilization thrive. The blazkul and blazlin live there, either as settlers or nomads. Also included in this primary region are the non-deserts Paradise Valley and Great Savanna. The former is a wet forest located in a gap between the mountain ranges; the latter is a transitional zone between the Secret Sanctuary and the Searing Desert.

Mountain ranges are usually treated as subordinate regions, but the Aezrikka Zule is so colossal and so dear to the aezkul that they have classified it as a major region in its own right. It lies in the subtropics, separating the deserts south from the grasslands north. The range climate itself goes from subtropical at the base to polar at the highest altitudes. A varied climate births varied wildlife, from base dwellers to extremophiles that have taken the peaks. The kingdoms, inhabited by aezkul, aezlin, hozlin, hozkul, and more, call these mountains their home.

Flat, windy, and warm accurately sums up the Zephyr Plains. Its central areas are primarily grass- and scrublands, which are surrounded by the light forests of the coasts and the Whistling Lowlands. Rain is common only in summer, but the region is hot to mild over the course of a year; snow is an extreme rarity, except in the northern most flats. Many peoples live here, such as aezlin, spotted wolshaks, and lowland trezlin; however, the Aezkian clans are the only advanced civilization that have settled here.

Stretching from the southern to the northern temperate zone, the Starless Forest features warm and cool climates, and it also has a high amount of precipitation. It is a temperate rainforest. Although the whole region experiences all four seasons, snow tends to be light in the south and heavier in the north. The southern Starless Forest is also where massive trees, reaching over a hundred meters into the air, grow in great numbers. Under and in their thick canopy live thousands of species. Among these are the rizkul and rizlin, whose shared civilization – a tribal, primitive one – occupies the entire area.

Sun and currents work in conjunction to keep the Sunblessed Lands warm during any season, and the weather tends to be clear and sunny, earning the region its name. Only the islands and coasts are humid enough to sustain light forests because of the dry summer climate, which is why the land off the coast and framed by mountains – the Gilded Stalks – is a grassland instead. The Sunblessed Lands is a lively region, and home of the mighty Sokan Empire, inhabited by lilin and likul.

The Four-Faced Forests is not nearly as treacherous as the name makes it sound. It is a temperate zone. Temperatures and humidity vary throughout the year. All four seasons affect the land with notable intensity; the numerous inhabitants, wild and civilized, are adapted to it. Most notable of the locals are the Gren, followed by the sozlin and the wolshaks.

Between temperate and arctic lies the Frigid Frontier, a boreal to polar region. Taiga and tundra are its only ecosystems. Nearly every creature that lives here has either feathers or fur, or some fancy mechanism to deal with the cold. The izlin, izkul, and wolshaks native to the land went with the simple options; they are covered in feathers (sort of) and fur respectively.

Far away and deathly cold, the Frozen Wastes are Threa's northernmost reaches. It features an ice cap climate and no surface flora. Any animal daring to live there depends on fishing. The species diversity is abysmal. While it may appear like a group of islands on the map, it truly is just an expanse of ice whose size varies with the seasons.