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All Threan religions are belief; they are not fact. Gods do not actually exist in Threa, neither do spirits (although souls do), demons, heaven, hell, or any other dimension that is not the very material one all events take place on. Yet, religions do exist in Threa because people desire to explain their surroundings. Without scientific knowledge, this attempt leads to a belief in the otherworldly. It puts the mind at ease to have a reason for the state of the world rather than be surrounded – encircled – by the unknown and strange.

All major religions of Threa have their own page, which can be found under the "Religions" tab in the top right. Each major religion has its own page rather than being detailed on the page of its founder civilization because religions can spread beyond the borders of their respective founders. Also, a single civilization can include multiple, different religions, if it is tolerant enough. Simply put, big religions and civilizations are not necessarily tied to each other, and both are such complex and rich topics that they demand a page each.

Minor religions do not have a page of their own; they are explained on the page of their harboring civilization.

The entries on religions are each written as if the beliefs were fact. It is easier to write this way and shows you the perspective of a given religion's followers. Naturally, the religions and their tents are all subjective faith and not objective fact.