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World Building

Threa has been created by Rackiera Kzera and Draa Gul.

Rackiera Kzera has created most of the artwork and set up the website. Draa Gul wrote most of the lore (page content).

The following people contributed, extraordinarily so, through suggestions, discussions, and helpful information:

  • Macheon, Biology Consultant
  • Zuwena/Yanaki, Chief Complainer
  • Kaitax
  • Ulkjen/Bine
  • Karrades

Website Development

Rackiera has done the grand majority of the website development.

However, we want to thank Zzacku for his help with the database and virtual machine.


Some of the artwork may be from other artists. Their artwork has been uploaded with their permission, and they are credited for each artwork individually. See the gallery; you can find the artist and source of each image there.

We also would like to thank Karrades for his 3D models of Threan creatures. While they have found no use on this website, we still appreciate the appreciation of our work through the creation of fan content.


We would like to thank the following people for donating to Threa, helping us cover the costs of this hobby project and thus making it easier for us to provide content:

  • Raven