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The maps are interactive! Click on a culture group or major region to be brought to its page.  These continental maps are not very accurate. They just give a rough overview of Threa’s geographic and political situation.

Threa is wild, magical, and as dangerous as it is fantastical. It is a high-fantasy setting with grim and brutal elements. Instead of focusing on legendary heroes and their tales of defeating evil, it is about the survival of various peoples that contend with each other just as much as with the hostile environment. Happy endings are not guaranteed in a world of natural and magical disasters, vicious dragons, malicious people, and soul-devouring elementals. Despite its fantastical elements, Threa tries to remain as much rooted in the natural sciences as possible. Even its magic, being element-based, is forced to abide by a firm set of natural laws that limit its use.

The name Threa stands as much for the setting as it does for the entire planet it is set on. While Threa is nearly identical to earth when it comes to its climate, biomes, and flora, its geography and fauna differ greatly. Saurians and avians are the dominant lifeforms. Mammals are present, but they have taken a backseat. Humans and similar creatures do not exist at all. Lizard people, wolf people, and dragons make up all intelligent life.

Dozens of cultures and civilizations and hundreds of states, from tiny tribes to sprawling empires, have been founded by these peoples. They extend across the whole of the planet’s sole continent, from the rainforests and deserts in the far south, across the plains and dense temperate forests in the middle, to the taigas, tundras, and icy wastelands in the north. Yet, despite all these minor and major nations, most of Threa’s landmass remains in the hands of no one but the animals and magical creatures that inhabit it. A plethora of predators and monsters it their home. They hinder the exploration of the vast continent and its islands, which leaves them mostly uncharted.

If you want to dig into Threa’s lore, this website is the way to go. If you want to involve yourself in the world of Threa, feel free to join its Discord chat (invite link to the right). Read across the pages of the website, make your own character(s), and experience Threa through them. The world is intended for roleplay and story-writing.

The language nearly all fictional words stem from is Aezkian, the native tongue of the aezkul and their clans. Details on this language can be found in the identically named section on the page “Languages”.

The Aezkian calendar – the Rekaran calendar – is used to inform when an event took place. More information can be found in the respective section on the page “Calendars”.

This document uses the metric system and sometimes also gives measurements in imperial units in parenthesis. Threa’s peoples use their own systems of measurement, which can be confusing! Most of their feet are shorter than human ones, and a Suwehbish pound is not equal to a British one.

Threa is a work in progress! The development model is to release Threa chunk by chunk. We work on one part of the world first, flesh it out, set it mostly in stone, and then release it to the general public. What is considered the current time in the world advances alongside each release. Threa is a free project that creates no revenue and both creators are busy people, so sometimes working on the world has to wait while more important matters are taken care of. Its development will take time. Thank you for your consideration.

Credits: Threa has been created by Rackiera Kzera and Draa Gul. Some of the artwork may be from other artists. Their artwork has been uploaded with their permission, and they are credited for each artwork individually. Many people were a great help in the creation of Threa: Macheon, Zu/Yanaki, Ulkjen/Bine, Kaitax, and Karrades.