Physical Description

These green-scaled humanoids are the vicious protectors of the rain forests. With a height of 1.5-1.8 m (4.9-5.9 ft.) they are the third tallest lin and the fourth tallest humanoid around. Rizlin have a slim, dexterous bodies, that are adapted to fitting themselves to any cover to make advantage of their coloration and to perform complex maneuvers when moving through the canopies. Thanks to their upright posture the Rizlin can see above most brush, but they can also lean forward and crouch low to try and hide behind said brush. Their long tail helps them counterbalance their weight. Unlike many lin, Rizlin do not have any kinds of horns, just gray claws on their toes and fingers. Females and males can only by the fact that females have slightly thicker tails and males have edgier faces.

Rizlin scales fit their environment quite well in cover. They are of a dark green or brown, and covered in stripes that are of an even darker green or brown. It helps them blend in well with the shady, overgrown environment of the jungle. The skin beneath their scales is quite thick to keep out the thorns of the various dangerous plants. Many toxins the Rizlin are even resistant against, because they were hardened by millennia of living surrounded by venomous animals and poisonous plants. Fortunately the rain forests are always warm, so the fact that the scales make for poor insulation doesn't bother the warm-blooded Rizlin, who usually walk around naked.

Foreigners to the rain forests often consider the Rizlin to be kind of terrifying, especially if encountered when it is dark. One reason for this is their yellow eyes. It is the only eye color Rizlin can have, even if various shades of it are available. As it is usually quite gloomy underneath the canopy of the large jungle trees and because they enjoy to hunt at night, the eyes of the Rizlin are capable of seeing clearly even when there is only little light present. However, their ears and noses are not extraordinarily capable compared to those of other lin.


The intelligence of a Rizlin is on par with that of a human, but they are not as intuitive or willing to experiment as the more advanced lin species like the Trezlin, Hozlin, or Blazlin. One can describe the Rizlin as relying more on instinct, on their gut-feeling, than on rational thought. It is undoubted that Rizlin have a better connection to their primal nature than other lin. To learn more about what kind of society these lin created, look up the Rizlin Tribes page in the Nations category.

Reproduction and Development

Rizlin courtship is detailed on the nation page mentioned above.

Females are fertile for 3 to 5 days every six weeks. If they are impregnated within that time, they will lay an egg or two after about 58 days. The incubation period is 112 days. The egg has to remain warm during that time, but that is usually not an issue in the warm, moist habitat of the Rizlin. Rizlin hatchlings can crawl mere moments after they left the eggshell and will start walking on just their legs at one year old. It takes another half a year before the young Rizlin walk properly and start speaking in full sentences. Both males and females become capable of producing offspring at roughly 12 years old. A Rizlin reaches their maximum height at the age of 16 to 17 and that is also where they are at their healthiest. Their conditions begins declining beyond 40 years of age, and they usually die between 40 and 70, depending on how they lived.



Rizlin primarily live in the Starless Jungle, which is about as hopeless as it is starless at night. The former due to the lethality of the flora and fauna, the latter because of how dense the canopy can be. Yet the Rizlin have managed to survive in this hostile environment, thanks to their hunter instincts, their ability to make primitive weapons, their tribal communities, and because they have allied with one of the most vicious predators of the jungle - the Rizkul. Overall, the Starless Jungle is overgrown with plants, moist, hot, filled with insects, and populated by beasts that want you dead.


Rizlin are omnivorous. Everything from insects hiding under bark, animals that they hunted in the underbrush, or fruits that they picked from the various plants is consumed by the green-scaled lin. Livestock isn't kept by them, so every piece of meat they eat has been actively hunted. A few Rizlin communities do engage in agriculture on a small-scale, growing herbs and fruits in small gardens.

Competition and Predators

Plenty of predators are able to hunt a singular Rizlin, even if it is hard to even find the capable skulkers in the first place. However, Rizlin are never alone and when Rizlin gather in armed, trained groups they turn from preys to hunters. Due to the fact that their habitat is so dangerous, few of the other nations around care for it, which means the Rizlin have no competition apart from the Rizkul, who are thankfully the allies of the Rizlin and thus out of the picture as well.


Rizlin originate from an ancient sort of Trezlin that adapted to the rough environment the Starless Jungle represents.