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All known civilizations are listed here in alphabetic order. Each has a small description, which is the same as the one that can be found in the General category on their respective page.

Blazkul Hightribes

The Blazkul Hightribes are five different nations, which are internally split into even smaller tribes. From west to east these hightribes are the Firehorns, Blazewhips, Emberspikes, Fireclaws, and Flamewings. As you may note, these are the same as the races mentioned on the Blazkul page. Each hightribe is basically a federation of multiple tribes of the same Blazkul race. Next to the Blazkul of the hightribes live the Blazlin, who have fewer rights than the Blazkul but serve them as warriors, crafters, scholars, and much more. The Blazkul-Blazlin relationship is harmonious, both species benefit each other, so it is acceptable for the Blazlin to stand on a lower step on the social ladder compared to the Blazkul.

All hightribes lie in the Searing Deserts, lands that are dry and arid, habitable for most lifeforms only near the large rivers that flow through them. To the north of the Hightribes lie the Aezrikka Zule, Threa's largest mountain range. Thus they are direct neighbors of the Aezkul Republic that owns it. The Flamewings in the far eastern part of the desert also neighbor the Sokan Empire, because they share a border at the northern end of the Savannah Pass. In the south the hightribes' territory expands all the way to the southern shores of the Secret Sanctuary. Non-Blazkul or -lin don't know about this, because the Hightribes refuse to let any foreigner enter their lands. Each hightribe is also split into a northern and a southern half, which are geographically separated by a volcanic wasteland named the Sacred Lands, which is too hot and dangerous to walk through. Flying over it or using a ship to get around it are the only options to move between the north and the south. Of the hightribes, only the Flamewings and Firehorns may use ships to do so, because only they have access to the sea in both the north and the south.

When looked at as a whole, all hightribes have roughly the same culture and society. Any differences between a given hightribe and this general base are laid out on the page of that hightribe. Cultural norms, the governmental system, and the religion of the Hightribes are almost identical for example. All hightribes are ruled by a council of lords, who have been elected by their inferiors, who in turn were either elected or acquired their position by successfully dueling their predecessor. Despite having a council as its most powerful governmental institution and their technological advancements, one should not mistake the Hightribes for civilized, socially advanced nations. They are warrior cultures at heart, which revel in war and train every member how to fight. Peace is a foreign concept to the fierce fighters of the deserts; they have been waging wars with varying degrees of intensity against each other for millennia. The Blaz even have an affinity for enforced, artificial selection. They willingly cull the weak, so they don't waste the resources of the strong. While this makes them appear as heartless brutes, it has certainly made them the best warriors of Threa. Overall, the Hightribes may be considered brutal and merciless in their ways, but they are not simply savages. Not all of them, anyway.






Hoz Nations
Hoz Kingdom
Flag Design of the Hoz Kingdom

The Hoz Kingdom, also called the Kingdom beneath the Surface, Underground Kingdom, Kingdom of Subterra, or HozReok (native name, shortened to Reok occasionally), is an elective monarchy that is inhabited by the large Hozkul and Hozlin. The latter live as second-class citizens that have to work for the former. In the distant past, the position of the Hozlin was even worse; they were merely considered slaves and thus property. The HozReok has little contact to the surface nations, but many are aware that some form of civilization must exists in Subterra. Only few nations have had contact to the HozReok. The Republic of the Zule is the only one that actively interacts with it. It is the choice of the Kingdom Beneath to isolate itself in such a fashion. Its inhabitants do not trust the surface and those that dwell on it.

The HozReok exists entirely underground. claiming every cavern of Subterra. It is the largest nation that exists in Threa when it comes to how many square miles. This doesn't make it the most powerful nation, but the HozReok is certainly among the stronger ones. The territory of the HozReok goes from beneath the Red Spires of the Flamewings all the way up to Threa's Spine. It is a bit difficult to pin point the kind of climate that affects Subterra, because the climatic conditions on the surface barely influence those beneath it.

In Subterra, the inhabitants of the Hoz Kingdom live in very large caverns, which occur naturally, but have been heavily modified by Hozlin masons and Hozkul diggers. Given the habitat, it is natural that mining and shaping rock became a big aspect of the Underground Kingdom. The study of Subterra became another. Hozkul use their time to explore and inspect it, being discoverers of what is beneath like the Aezkul are discoverers of what is above. That is if their time isn't used up by having to fight the various monstrosities that lurk in the darkness. Time and time again the HozReok had to fight for its very survival. Another threat to the Hoz Kingdom is the existence of the Monarchy of the Free Caverns, a hostile nation founded by Hozlin rebels more than a century ago. These rebels broke loose from the Reok's control and have been the arch enemies of the Hozkul ever since.

Monarchy of the Free Caverns
Flag Design of the Free Caverns

The Monarchy of the Free Caverns, also known as just the Free Caverns, the Hozlin Rebels, or the Rebel Monarchy, is a nation that primarily consists of the descendants of the Hozlin that fled the Hoz Monarchy during the rebellion in 633 ar. No kul live within the Free Caverns. As the name suggests, it is ruled by a monarch, who hands the title down to an elected successor upon death or resignation. It is the youngest nation that currently exists in Threa and one that is known only by a few surface nations.

Given the location of the Rebel Monarchy, it isn't a surprise that no one but the HozReok and Gren Kingdom have direct contact to it. It exists beneath the surface of Threa's Northern Spine, primarily in Arriak's Caverns, which were formerly known as the Northern Caverns to the HozReok. From there the Hozlin rebels try their earnest to scrape out a living and survive against the relentless onslaught of caverncrawlers. The trade and cooperation with the Gren Kingdom has helped them greatly in their struggle to survive.

Overall being part of the Monarchy of the Free Caverns means being part of a nation that dedicated itself to the destruction of the HozReok and the liberation of all Hozlin. It means being part of a rather advanced nation, that busy with surviving and yet thirsting for revenge for centuries. While it is technologically advanced, just like the HozReok, it is backwards when it comes to philosophical and artistic matters. The struggle for survival consumes too much time and forced the Hozlin to focus more on military matters. If it weren't for their current situation, the Hozlin would much prefer to just mine, farm, and live their lives in peace.

Republic of the Zule

Riz Tribes

Riz Tribes is a broad term for the numerous, individual tribes that consist of both Rizlin and Rizkul, so it is not one united nation. All of these tribes live in firm settlements in the rainforest known as the Starless Jungle. These settlements coexist with the rain forest that surrounds them and adapt their shape to the environment, instead of adapting the environment to itself. Rizlin believe the Starless Jungle to be sacred and that it is very important to live in harmony with nature, or otherwise the dangerous jungle will reject them and kill them, like it has killed so many before them. This belief has led to the the scaled humanoids living in a primitive fashion and becoming rather superstitious, they even believe the Rizkul to be guardian of the jungle, descendants of mighty jungle spirits, and worship them as if each of them were a little deity, to make sure they will be protected by them. However, one should not mistake the Rizlin for weak followers. They are skilled stalkers and ambushers, thus feared by those who dare set their foot into the Starless Jungle.

Sozlin Tribes

The Sozlin Tribes are not a singular, unified nation, but simply a term to gather the various tribes that primarily consist of Sozlin under. Each tribe is an individual, sovereign entity that rules over its own small territory, but they all belong to the same cultural group. Unlike the Truzlin Tribes and the Riz Tribes, the Sozlin tribes do not have a large chunk of land that is considered theirs, instead the Sozlin tribes simply exist on the territory of the Gren Kingdom. More precisely, their settlements stand on the western shores of the Starless Jungle, the Vandell Forest, at the beaches of the Great Bay, and at the coast near Varhal's Ridge. A few tribes even live at the eastern shore of the taiga. All islands west of Threa's temperate zone are also claimed by Sozlin villages. Living in a rather primitive, tribal fashion, the Sozlin Tribes aren't ruled by a complex government system. They simply have a chieftain and a council of elders at their top. Overall, the Sozlin are a simple, peaceful people, who simply want to survive, and enjoy their life.

Trez Nations
Gren Kingdom

The Gren Kingdom, , which is also known as the Western Kingdom, is a feudal monarchy that controls the entire west of the Temperate Zone. It rules over everyone and everything that lies between Threa's Spine and the western shores. In the north it reaches into the Boreal Zone, in the south it has a fuzzy border that reaches up to the Starless Jungle. The Ironhead Flatlands, the Southern Verdant Valley, Varhal's Ridge, and Vandell Forest are all regions that lie entirely under the control of the Gren King, who resides in Northorn. It even claims a large swath of the northern half of the Verdant Valley; the Gren Kingdom reaches well into the taiga.

Most inhabitants of the Gren Kingdom are Trezlin, but there are also rather large Sozlin and Wolshak minorities. In the north, even Truzlin can be found in notable amounts. The term Gren (plural Gren) applies to all inhabitants of the Gren Kingdom, regardless of their species. Overall, the Gren Kingdom is not against the other humanoid species; they are all permitted to live and move within the Gren Kingdom as long as they stick to its laws. However, to become a proper part of Gren society one has to either become a serf or somehow be made a noble. They can also stay a free person, but then they will likely spend their days living in taverns, because they won't be permitted to have their own home, at least not legally

Many Trezlin from who originate from the Western Kingdom take the term 'Gren' as an insult, because they identify more with their own region than they do with the bigger kingdom. Only few are in favor of the large realm; most would prefer if the Gren Kingdom split into the various nations it is made of. Only the Suwehbens and their supporters want to keep all Gren under one crown, simply because the current royal family is Suwehbish.

Society-wise and culture-wise, the different peoples grouped under the term Gren do not vary too wildly. They even share a language - simply called Gren - which includes a lot of local dialects. Most of them simply still have strong nationalistic feelings for past realms, which are nowadays just vassals to the Suwehbish king. Due to this lack of national feelings towards it and the lack of national unity, the Gren Kingdom can certainly not be called a nation state. The seven dukedoms, which the Gren Kingdom is separated into, only stay together and under the rule of the Gren King to remain safe, and because they aren't sure who would survive the civil wars that over territory and ancestral land that would surely follow the downfall of the Gren Kingdom. More on the different dukedoms can be found under the Minor Factions section.

Sokan Empire


Truzlin Tribes

The Truzlin Tribes are not a single nation, but a term to sum up the various individual and independent tribes, each with their own name, that consist almost exclusively of Truzlin. Cold taigas like the northern half of the Verdant Valley, the Sea of Pines, and the Frigid Frontier is what the tribes call their homeland, which they like and stick to. It may be harsh, which made the Truzlin a hardy people, but it is the environment the Truzlin are best adapted to. Given their tribal, primitive nature, all tribes are led by a chieftain. Unlike their southeastern neighbor - the Sokan Empire - the Truzlin Tribes care little about war. They prefer to live in peace and do so with their southwestern neighbor, which is the Gren Kingdom. They actively engage in trade with the Gren. Overall, the Truzlin Tribes are a bunch of nomadic, technologically backwards but yet peaceful groups of Truzlin.

Wolshak Packs