Flag Design of the Emberspikes

The Emberspikes are the mightiest of all the tribes. This fact has influenced their society a lot; they tend to think higher of themselves and are the most civilized of all the Blazkul, at least when it comes to formalities among themselves and such. They learn arts as well as crafts, form the most disciplined army and have the greatest civilian architecture as well. Their cities are cleaner and their people take more care of their appearance. Live and look pompous! At least compared to the usual Blazkul.

Superiority. This is the main pillar of the Emberspikes' society. They live among the broadest and longest Arm of Life with the most side rivers, thus have the largest population of all the Hightribes. Every single city is a display of power, featuring prestigious buildings like monuments or statues which are more impressive than any kind of memorial the other Hightribes ever built. While their industry is large, it is outmatched by the Fireclaws.

Being less savage than all the other Hightribes, the Emberspikes actually have social norms, like bowing in front of superiors or simply possess what other kul or lin would call manners.

Holidays and Ceremonies
Day of Dominance

This holiday takes place on the Centday of the 5th week of spring. On this day the Emberspikes remember the quick strategic victory of Kilro Trek Emberspike against the numerical superior alliance of Blazewhips and Fireclaws. This amazing victory put the Emberspikes at the top of the Hightribes, making them the mightiest Hightribe of them all by claiming the center of the desert.


Minor Factions

In this section you'll find a few of the tribes that exist within this hightribe. Note that it is not a full list, there's many more tribes than the ones mentioned.


The tribe of the Garak are, just like the Trek, one of the old, well-established tribes. A calm head is a common trait among them. Experience and age is well valued among them, but it has also caused them to stagnate. For centuries they've had the title of Lord of Ironhill among their kul. The arrival of the Trek has shaken their base of power though and caused conflict and trouble in the large city for quite a while. This has mostly died down nowadays, but can still flare up now and then - especially when it is about influence over Ironhill.

Notable members:

  • Ohuruk: Lord of Ironhill.


Notable members:

  • Harzak: Chieftain.


Notable members:

  • ?: Lord of Victor's Home.

A tribe known for making some of the best heavy infantry armor available. They even make costume pieces for proper payment. This has made the tribe quite wealthy and well known even outside of Ironhill's borders, which is the city they live and work in.

Notable members:

  • Ahur: Chieftain, under Lord Ohuruk Garak.


Notable members:

  • Rarhor the Herder: Chieftain.


Notable members:

  • Zatrak: Lord of Victor's Home; elected Warlord in case of War.


Notable members:

  • Krakuz: Lord of Victor's Home; elected Battlelord in case of War.

The Trek are a honorable tribe with a glorious past. Kilro Trek Emberspike was one of their most notable members, having been a warlord that ruled for two decades even after the victorious end of the Second War of the Hightribes.

While their past has been glorious, their present has not. After Kilro lost his position as a warlord, other tribes wanted to make sure the Trek do not have a lasting influence on the Emberspikes even after Kilro's rule, thus they unified against them and forced them out of the northern capital by saying that their numbers are too low, their tribe too weak to be in the influential capital. This wasn't all wrong. Their numbers dwindled during the war, but most importantly they lost their allies afterwards. Having let their power and influence get to their heads, they neglected their ties in the capital - an error that they still regret. Nowadays they still hold a lord title in Ironhill, a large and important city in the northern half of the Emberspike territory.

Their former glory has given them a bit of an arrogant attitude. Feeling like they have been wronged in the past, they have a unfriendly attitude towards the capital and do not accept orders from other tribes easily.

Notable members:

  • Kilro (Dead): Warlord of the Emberspikes during the 2nd War and for two decades after.
  • Marok: Chieftain, under Lord Trikoz Trek.
  • Trikoz: Lord of Ironhill.

One of the twelve tribes inside the northern capital of the Emberspikes. The tribe is well known for having strict, but good leaders. Their strategical prowess and obedience is renowned. It can lead to issues when facing orders from a less competent leader though because they will follow them either way.

Notable members:

  • Krakuz: Lord of Victor's Home; elected Battlelord in case of War.

The military of the Emberspikes is basically the opposite of the Fireclaws' forces. It is heavily focused on unit coordination and the strength of a group, instead of individual skill. Their formations are disciplined and steadfast, never breaking or falling back unless ordered to do so.

Their dragons tend to be split into two categories, heavy infantry and flyers. More about the heavy infantry can be found a bit further down.

Heavy Emberspike Infantry

Only the most skilled and strongest Emberspikes can become part of the Heavy Infantry. It might strike one as odd to refer to kul as infantry, but their heavy armor makes them earthbound - a term that usually refers to kul with torn wings. They always act in pairs of two, encouraging brother-like relations to develop between the two.

Those behemoths wear full plate armor and even have chain mail to drag over their wings. They can't fly from all this steel, and thus can only travel a short distance to battle on foot. Their difficulty to travel large distances makes them only usable during sieges or defensive battles in the field. Within a battle they act as hammers to smash through enemy lines on the ground. Should they have to fight in an offensive field battle, then they simply wear lighter armor so that their wings can carry them into battle.

Ranks and Organization

The Emberspikes have a much better organized army than most hightribes, but can still not top the Firehorns.

  • Battlelord:

    Every Emberspike battlelord may command up to three battlesteerers, preferably ones who ruled over a city nearby his own or are even from the same city. Said battlesteerers then command the forces of their cities and the surrounding villages. They have to be able to gather a certain minimum of forces, otherwise the city's levy will be grouped up with another city's levy in order to get them back to at least minimum strength.

  • Battlesteerer:

    At minimum, a battlesteerer should command the following: Two warbands, two skirmisherbands, two claws of lightly equipped flyers and a pair of heavy infantry, as well as three squadrons of lizog riders. At maximum a battlesteerer may command three times that, and only if he can keep roughly the same composition of troops. If not, every surplus warband, claw or squadron will be send to reinforce other battlesteerers if practical.

  • Band-/Squadron-/Clawchief/Heavy Infantry:

    If it is a warband (200 lin-warriors), a skirmisherband (200 archers) or a cavalry squadron (50 lizogs and their riders) that needs a bandchief or in the case of a squadron a squadronchief, then this is handled by a lin. Should a claw (3 kul) need a leader, then of course one of the three kul handles that. The Heavy Infantry has no leader but is put right beneath the battlesteerer. Hierarchy-wise they are all on the same level.

  • Soldier/Rider/Flyer:

    Lowest rank in the Emberspike military is the common soldier. Some might receive honorary titles. The leaders of the various formations are recruited from these ranks, often in an elective process. The warband/skirmisherband/claw/squadron votes on their leader and then has to get him approved by the battlesteerer.


Heavier armor is used even by the normal footsoldiers of the Emberspikes. Instead of only having studded leather armor as torso-protection, they also wear a chain shirt over the leather. A piece of standard equipment for Emberspike foot soldiers is a large oval shield, with a semi-circle-shaped opening at one side. It is larger and more cumbersome than the shields of the other hightribes, but allows them to form shield walls and boxes, thus have a great defense against ranged attacks. The opening allows them to thrust their spears past their own shield wall without having to move the shield out of the way.

The soldiers of the Emberspikes employ the usual swords, maces and spears. For ranged combat they employ longbows. Lizog riders use lances and scimitars to bring doom over their foes.

Foreign Relations
Relation Chart
Nation Relation
Hoz Kingdom No contact (hostile)
Rebel Kingdom No contact (hostile)
Republic of the Zule Minor conflict
Riz Tribes Minor conflict
Sozlin Tribes No contact (hostile)
Treztown No contact (hostile)
Truzlin Tribes No contact (hostile)
Gren Kingdom Minor conflict
Sokan Empire Minor conflict
Blazewhips Minor conflict
Fireclaws Minor conflict
Firehorns Minor conflict
Flamewings Minor conflict
Wolshak Packs No contact (hostile)
Public Opinion

The Emberspikes are the strongest tribe of them all. Many see them as a glorious example of Blazkul, even if they would not admit it. They are respected for having taken and held their place in the sun and at the water with ferocity and strategic wit.

Outside of the desert, the Emberspikes are quite known. Due to their might they leave the desert frequently to acquire the riches of other nations or to explore the lands beyond the Zule. While there are enough opponents left and right of their territory to prove one's worth, it is the thrill of slaying an exotic beast that drives the younglings out of the desert.



City Structure


The best architects, when it is about the aspect of beauty, come from the renowned architect families of the Emberspike Blazlin. Having planned and built great monuments, temples and halls, they have gotten a reputation for making truly fantastic buildings, rivaling the underground palaces of the Hoz Kingdom. Even the houses and common buildings of the Emberspikes tend to be well planned out and have a more pleasant appearance than the usual desert hut.

While their monuments are great examples of building expertise, they are not worth individual mention.

Notable Structures

The original building of the Great Temple of Flame was so long ago that none of the current generation of Blazkul knows who built it or when specifically it was built. It's a monument to the Great Flame that the Blazkul believed shaped this world and hosts a representative of it; a fire that has been burning since the creation of the temple thousands of years ago. All of the smaller temples' flames are lit by the Great Temple's flame, which is one of the most sacred things for the Blazkul. No Blazkul is sure when it was build, but historians have tracked the date to be at least somewhere around 1800 br.

The Temple itself looks akin to its smaller versions, but is larger and is more decorated; pillars are carved, statues are placed throughout, and there is an abundance of gold and jewels. Most of the aforementioned wealth was added after the Emberspikes took the temple over and renovated it.