Flag Design of the Blazewhips

The Blazewhips are very similar to the other Hightribes in most customs, but they are the most religious and nomadic one of them all. When it comes to how civilized or savage they are, they are in the middle. Blazewhips aren't known for being as vicious as the Fireclaws, neither are they as civilized as the Firehorns. Their internal conflicts are limited to a minimum, however, they do aren't peaceful because they wish to be but because they have to be. Being located between the Emberspikes and the Firehorns isn't easy. Especially the Firehorns give them a lot of trouble and force them to keep constant vigilance over the border they share with them. Other hightribes at least leave them in peace for the most time, so they do not have to focus on the Firehorns themselves.

Compared to the other Hightribes, they do not possess many cities, but make up for that by having many more villages and nomadic groups. These villages also tend to be a lot larger than the ones of the other hightribes. It isn't their choice to live like this, but a necessity. As they are the hightribe with the larger territory, despite not having a larger population than the average hightribe, they've to spread their population far and wide in order to keep a grip on the entire territory. This nomadic life style has not made it possible for them to become as industrious as the Fireclaws, as pompous as the Emberspikes or as walled in as the Firehorns, instead they had to become the quickest when it comes to scrapping a village or moving a settlement, allowing them to make use of the waterholes and moody side rivers of their Arm of Life much more effectively than the other Hightribes can. They also excel at mobilizing an army and raiding groups extremely quickly, allowing them to wage guerrilla warfare against their opponents.

The fact that they are so spread out has harmed their cohesion. If it weren't for the constant threat from the Firehorns, the Blazewhips might be the least unified hightribe of all of them. Some of the lords of the southern-half of the most western Arm of Life are pretty independent in their thinking and don't like the thought of being governed from that far away. Weren't it for the fact that the Firehorns fortified their lands and that their military is superior, they might have already taken over the southern capital and demanded that a second HIgh Council is founded to ensure that the entire Blazewhip territory can be ruled properly. Given enough time, thanks to the large territory, the Blazewhips have the potential to become the strongest hightribe, but it is likely that the Firehorns will try to retake their land before that happens.


The Blazewhips are the most religious of all the Hightribes. This comes from the fact that they see it as their duty to protect the Sacred Lands from the Firehorns, who they see as heretics. It is no surprise that it was the Blazewhips who founded the Sacred Guardians as a response to the Firehorns destroying the temples, killing priests and trying to take over holy sites in the Sacred Land. Many Firehorn priests who fled the vicious attacks of their former kin found a home in the temples of the Flamewings. Fueled by their hatred for the heretics that slayed their families, burned their homes and spat on the Flame, they preached fanatically to make the Blazewhips and the other hightribes where they settled eager for a united war. This past event is one of the reasons the Blazewhips are the most religious to this day. Some of the Blazewhips are even fanatical and think that the entire world should be cleansed with the might of the Flame. This radical movement is tiny though and has barely any followers, due to most Blazkul not wanting to get involved with kul outside of the desert. They call themselves "Order of the Purging Flame" and while they are not illegal, they are frowned upon. Currently, the Blazewhips have larger problems than trying to eradicate everyone who doesn't follow the Flame.

Religious ceremonies that are held every week are part of their stronger connection to the Flame. Unlike the other hightribes, they do not only hold larger ceremonies during war, but also in peace. It isn't mandatory to join these, but it is approved of. These ceremonies take shape in a priest speaking about current events and how if the Flame encourages them or condemns them and holding large mediation sessions, where all the Blazkul of a tribe gather, lie down and try to banish worldly worries from their mind to focus on feeling their inner fire, which is only supposed to burn for strengthening their own tribe. This ensures that the tribe-internal cohesion is strong and that the Blazewhips are even more willing to die for their tribe and even their religion.



The Blazewhips are known to be very agile and dexterous, especially with their prehensile tails, which is a unique trait among kul. They use light armor and weapons to keep this advantage, fielding the best light and most mobile troops known to the Blazkul; this includes their Blazlin forces, as well.

There is no army within the entire desert that is quicker at mobilizing itself. Due to their nomadic nature, the Blazewhips always carry everything they need to form small capable units wherever they are. Once war breaks out, the opponent immediately has to face guerrilla groups entering their territory, raiding supply lines or simply burning down fields and killing cattle. Unlike the hit and run tactics of the Flamewings, the Blazewhip actually coordinate between the many units and gather for bigger battles when need be.

When they do gather, then all around the enemy. They surround them and destroy them, leaving no survivors. This tactic is great for stopping armies from invading their homeland, especially combined with the fact that there is almost nothing for the enemy to occupy, since the tribes carry all they need on themselves, thus allowing them to let the enemy deep into their territory before they annihilate them.

A great weakness of their army is their ability to siege. Due to being so wanting to be so mobile and nomadic, they can't carry around the siege engines needed to assault a city or fortress, thus they barely ever attack an enemy's population center but instead prefer to raid their villages. This tactic is not too efficient when it comes to winning a war though, thus wars with the Blazewhips tend to be drawn out and based on trying to make the opponent give up by stabbing at them constantly with small attacks, while encircling enemy forces in order to prevent their own defeat.

Many Blazewhips join the Sacred Guardians, even though they would defend the Sacred Land anyway, just in order to prove their devotion to what they do.

Sacred Guardians

The only unit in which the members of different hightribes cooperate is known as the Sacred Guardians. They are warriors that devote themselves to fight for the Flame and battle the Firehorns, who are also known as Flamestealers, wherever they are. These Guardians are very honored and have the right of free movement within the Searing Deserts. While the Blazewhips founded the unit, the unit does not answer to the Blazewhips' Highcouncil. More information on them can be found on the Blazkul Hightribes page.

Ranks and Organization

Since the Blazewhips have the same military organization as the one mentioned on the Hightribes' page, this list is for the ranks of the Sacred Guardians.



Foreign Relations
Relation Chart
Nation Relation
Hoz Kingdom No contact (hostile)
Rebel Kingdom No contact (hostile)
Republic of the Zule Minor conflict
Riz Tribes Minor conflict
Sozlin Tribes No contact (hostile)
Treztown No contact (hostile)
Truzlin Tribes No contact (hostile)
Gren Kingdom Minor conflict
Sokan Empire No contact (hostile)
Emberspikes Minor conflict
Fireclaws Minor conflict
Firehorns Minor conflict
Flamewings Minor conflict
Wolshak Packs No contact (hostile)
Public Opinion

The Blazewhips are respected by the three Hightribes west of them, for protecting the holy sites in the Sacred Lands from the dreaded Firehorns. However, they barely have time to take care of matters at home due to being spread so thin to hold such a wide 'front line' against the Firehorns. Thankfully for them, the aforementioned respect makes them less likely to be targeted by the other Hightribes.

Since the Blazewhips are busy keeping the Flamestealers contained, they do not have the time to do raids outside of the desert or explore far beyond its borders. They are the least known hightribe outside of the desert.


(Expired) Blazewhip and Fireclaws Alliance: In past wars, the Blazewhips and Fireclaws often allied with each other to fight against the Emberspikes. Even now, despite the treaty having expired, the Blazewhips still see the Fireclaws as the first Hightribe to go to if they require assistance.


City Structure

The houses of Blazewhips, lin and kul alike, tend to be made out of wood and thatch or are primitive clay structures. It is rare for them to build proper buildings outside of cities, due to their nomadic nature. It makes it easy to tear down buildings or to abandon them, since there is not much to lose as they are easy to rebuild.

The Blazewhips have built no notable structures.