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The Geographic Regions

This index of Threa's regions only serves to list them and provide a quick access to the same rough description that can be found under the General section of their respective pages.

Threa - Geographical
Aezrikka Zule



The Archipelago has a subtropical to temperate climate and is located just off the southern shores of the Searing Desert, between the Daunting Waves and the World's End. Between its large islands and the shores of the desert lie easily more than thirty miles. Various small islands are located in the waters in between, allowing one to reach the Archipelago rather easily with ships that are only able to brave coastal waters. As the name implies, this region consists of many large and small islands, which are all volcanic in origin. Hence the landmasses near the edge of the Archipelago all feature mountain ranges. They, if looked at from space, form a large V. Unfortunately, the volcanic origin also means that cataclysmic tectonic events are not all that rare in this region. Most volcanoes are inactive, but some do still erupt. The Blaz have witnessed plumes of smoke and ash rising in the far south. Beyond such sightings, the Archipelago is a great mystery to all Threans. It's completely uncharted and unclaimed. Even the Blazkul and -lin never bothered exploring it. The mainland keeps them busy enough and they don't like to leave their holy paradise, the Searing Desert.

Boreal Zone

Threa's Boreal Lands are the taigas and tundras north of the Forest Lands. They extend from coast to coast, touch both the Endless Waves and the Eternal Sea. It's a cold and humid region where snowfall is more common than rain. Coniferous forests and arctic shrublands are the only types of vegetation that can make it here. Native animal species are thickly covered in fur, feathers, or fat, or developed other methods to deal with the low temperatures.

Despite being less hospitable than the Forest Lands, civilizations have managed to emerge in the Boreal Lands. Settlements of the Gren Kingdom have grown in the most southern taigas of the Verdant Valley and Sokan colonies have been founded in the Frigid Frontier - the southern edge of the Boreal Lands east of Threa's Spine. The native inhabitants are the Wolshaks and the Truzlin. The former live in stationary packs with huge territories; the latter live in nomadic tribes that follow herds of woolly mammoths around.

Forest Lands

The Forest Lands are the western half of Threa's northern temperate zone. They're very humid, if not nearly as humid as the rainforest, and that's why many dense forests grow on them. They extend from the Great Savannah in the south all the way up to the Western Boreal Zones in the north and lie between the Endless Waves and the Eternal Sea. Also included in the term Forest Lands are the various islands that surround this region, even the Sunlit Island, despite having a more subtropical climate. Forests which teem with life cover the grand majority of the region. From small fewiggs over fierce wargs to mighty Trezkul, all kinds of creatures inhabit the woods. They're adapted to living among trees, because there's not a lot of naturally open areas. Steppes or shrublands are rare; glades are the most common type of natural open ground.

However, there's plenty of artificially created open areas, such as meadows and acres; the amazing fertility of the region has given rise to many civilizations. Many of them have fallen, were destroyed by those better than them or by catastrophes, but some of them still exist and lay claim to large swaths of land. The greatest civilizations that are still around have been founded by Trezlin. These are the Sokan Empire and the Gren Kingdom. These two are great civilizations that are able to rival most other realms, thanks to the large amount of fertile land they span across. Apart from these two gargantuan empires, there's also the Free City State of Treztown. It's tiny in comparison, but still worthy of note due to its place in the center of the region and the fact it holds rather liberal and democratic views compared to the other two. Also, Sozlin tribes and Wolshak packs have made a living here. The former live on the western shores, while the latter hides in the forests, avoiding the dominant Trezlin.

Frozen Wastes

The Frozen Wastes are Threa's polar region. It's a bleak wasteland devoid of vegetation. Nothing can survive here except predators that hunt fish or the fishers. No nation has settlements here or even bothers to lay claim it. Few even know this land exists; only Truzlin and Wolshaks that strayed too far north, daring adventurers, and Aezkul have likely ever seen this land. There's nothing to be won here and it's best to avoid it lest one might get lost among the seemingly infinite white expanse and freeze to death.

Great Savannah

The term Great Savannah is technically only used for the actual savannahs and grasslands of the northern subtropical zone, however, the subtropical forests at its northern and southern edges are described on this page as well. After all, all these ecosystems belong to the northern subtropical zone, a twilight zone between the temperate north and the tropical equator. The regions are all hot and rather dry, too, if not as dry as the Searing Desert. In the south, the aforementioned forests mark the border to the Starless Jungle. The edge between the rainforest and Great Savannah is rather fuzzy; it's not perfectly clear where one begins and the other ends. Same applies to the northern forests, which separate the Great Savannah from the Forest Lands. West of the Great Savannah lie the Endless Waves; east of it lies the Eternal Sea.

Many animals have made the wide, grassy plains and subtropical forests of this region their home. However, despite the good hunting grounds, not many people live in the wild, vast grasslands. Only the northern subtropical forests harbor cities and towns, owned by the Gren Kingdom and the Sokan Empire. The former even has a few communities in the Ironhead Flatlands, while the latter is currently in the process of founding a colonies at the eastern shores of the Great Savannah. The southern forests are at most inhabited by Riz tribes and a few Wolshak packs. Said packs also inhabited the grasslands and savannahs in between the northern and southern subtropical forests. No one else dares to live on these vast, dangerous lands. Only the Wolshaks are adapted to this environment, naturally equipped to handle it. Apart from the various humanoid factions, there's also the Aezkul, who have created colonies in the various mountain ranges. They do not lay claim to the whole region, but they can be seen hunting and exploring in it.

Searing Deserts

The Searing Desert is, as the name suggests, a hot and arid region. It begins south of the Aezrikka Zule, which marks its northern and only border to the rest of the continent. The Zule are the first hurdle one has to overcome when entering the Searing Desert from the north. Without the ability to fly or the knowledge of the right paths, traversing these mountains is almost impossible. Using the seas is another way to reach the Searing Desert. While it is almost completely surrounded by tall, coastal mountain ranges, there are stretches of coast where landfall is easy. South of the desert's southern shores lies the Archipelago.

Most of the Searing Desert is inhospitable, almost devoid of vegetation. Only nearby the coasts, rivers, and lakes does barren land make way for lush forests and fields. These habitable areas are populated and viciously protected by the Blazkul Hightribes, who see the Searing Desert as their deity-given paradise. Foreigners are barred entry by force of claws and hence the desert is mostly a mystery to those who aren't part of the Hightribes. Especially the southern regions have never been visited by outsiders.

Starless Jungle

Hot, humid, beautiful, dangerous; the Starless Jungle. It's a single gigantic tropical rainforest. It extends from the southern edge of the Great Savannah to the northern border of the Aezrikka Zule. It covers the entire equatorial region. Travelers will find that ships are the easiest way to reach it, because there are no roads that lead to it and going across the Great Savannah is dangerous, while going across the Zule is simply difficult without knowledge of the correct paths or the ability to fly.

This huge biome has the greatest variation of flora and fauna of all Threan lands. Thousands of species live in the shade of the jungle's tall trees. Their canopy is so dense that if one stands on the ground and looks up at night, they won't even be able to see the stars in most places, hence the name. Even during the day the rainforest is rather gloomy and terrifying. The plenty dangerous beasts and plants that live here don't make the place any more inviting to foreigners. Only the native Rizlin tribes and their worshiped Rizkul allies settle there for they have learned to brave the jungle's dangers.


Subterra is the collective term for all cavities beneath Threa's surface. As such Subterra is huge and technically the largest region of them all. It's the world beneath the world. Most people only see its upper layers, the caves and tunnels close to the surface. A shame, considering how gorgeous Subterra's depths are. They may not be as colorful and lively as the Starless Jungle, but curious rock formations and glowing crystals and mosses have their own charm. Some caverns are impressive sheerly because of their tremendous size.

No nation lies claim to Subterra's depths; they do not offer enough to sustain a population. Food is hard to come by. Fresh air is scarce in some places. At least the caves nearby the surface are hospitable and house plenty of peoples. It's common for people who live in the mountain ranges to seek shelter in caves or even use them as proper homes after improving them with furniture and by applying masonry skills. Especially the Hozlin clans use Subterra as a home.

The Seas

Threa's mainland and its islands appear to be surrounded by endless seas, natural barriers that prevent traveling to places far away, if such places exist anyway. This page is dedicated to these seas, these patches of oceans and their coastal regions. Summarizing their general feel is quite difficult. How the waters are, or more importantly what lives within them, depends greatly on where they are located, but one thing is certainly true for them all: They are dangerous. The further explorers go away from the mainland, the higher the risk that their journey will end with their demise due terrible weather or leviathans of the sea, like the Azkul. Threa does not want to let its people go it seems.