The Seas


Threa's mainland and its islands appear to be surrounded by endless seas, natural barriers that prevent traveling to places far away, if such places exist anyway. This page is dedicated to these seas, these patches of oceans and their coastal regions. Summarizing their general feel is quite difficult. How the waters are, or more importantly what lives within them, depends greatly on where they are located, but one thing is certainly true for them all: They are dangerous. The further explorers go away from the mainland, the higher the risk that their journey will end with their demise due terrible weather or leviathans of the sea, like the Azkul. Threa does not want to let its people go it seems.


The variety of the geography of the seas is difficult to grasp. Deep trenches, underwater mountains, caves caves and ravines, hydrothermal vents, craters, and more; all kinds of natural structures can be found beneath the waters' surface. All this matters little to the surface dwellers and shall hence not be described in depth.


Humidity in the seas is insane, it's basically wet! Jokes aside, the climate of the ocean, or rather its temperature and how oxygen rich it is, heavily depends on the nearby land, how intensely the sun shines on the water in a given region, and on streams coming from other climatic regions. Generally speaking, the waters near the equator are hot and rather tropical as a result. The further south or north one goes from there, the colder the waters become, until they turn to the truly arctic waters near the poles. What's much more important than the seas' own climate is that their streams heavily influence the climate present on the land. The Forest Lands are a good example; they would be much colder without the warm streams coming from the south.

Flora and Fauna

The vegetation of the seas as well as its fauna is extremely varied, even more than the land based wildlife. Flashy, huge corals grow in the tropical waters; smaller, duller plants grow in the arctic waters. Threa's surface dwellers haven't invented proper diving gear yet and won't for a while, so they sadly can't enjoy the gardens beneath the water surface.

Millions upon millions of fish are at home in these gardens as well as in the vast open waters between them. Some are tiny and harmless, others are huge predators. The most terrifying are the Open Ocean Azkul. They're true behemoths of the seas and inhabit almost every bit of ocean. One alone is easily capable of knocking over any ship that's been build so far. Other noteworthy sea creatures are Coastal Azkul, finnodiles, and giant sharks. Some beasts of the seas, like the giant crabs and turtles, make use of the waters as well as the land. Most creatures that lurk in the dark depths are unknown to the surface dwellers.

Natural Resources

The seas provide a lot of food: Fish, shellfish, clams, edible sea plants, and more. Some peoples rely on nothing but the waters to feed themselves. Sustenance isn't all the waters provide; some sea plants can be used as medicine or drugs, pearls can be found in clams, and then there's salt. This mineral is one of the best preservatives of the time and hence very valuable. The biggest producers are the Sozlin and the Sokans. Apart from these goods, the seas offer nothing to the surface dwellers that they can reach. There might be great amounts of ore and more hidden at their bottoms, but they aren't accessible for Threa's humanoids and kul.

Known Locations

There are many beautiful places to find beneath the waves. Sadly, the lack of breathable air makes it hard to enjoy or even find the wonders of the seas for Threa's inhabitants, hence all these gorgeous points of interest are unknown to them. It appears that the beauty of the waters is only for the Azkul to experience, who are unable to speak and thus can't share what they saw.

Natural Locations
Daunting Waves

These waters west of the Searing Deserts and the Archipelago have been given their name by the Firehorns. The sea appears endless to them, thus trying to explore it considered a daunting or rather stupid undertaking. However, "Stupid Waters" doesn't sound good, so they settled on Daunting Waters instead.

The Firehorns do use the Daunting Waters as waterways. A few ships sail between the various small coastal settlements in the Ashen Peaks. That's all the shipping this sea ever sees, so it sees very little. Most of the area is uncharted. The Firehorns don't even know that moving straight south from the Heretic Peninsula would lead them to the Archipelago. Their ships don't stray far from shore.

Endless Waves

The term "Endless Waves" refers to all waters west of northern Threa. Local Sozlin and Trezlin consider these waters endless, because no ship ever returned when sailing too far westward. The Sozlin tribes even have a legend about a lost expedition. This tale can be found in their History section.

Despite such terrible tales, the Endless Waves are a boon to all civilizations that neighbor them. They provide fish, various resources of the sea, and navigable waters. Gren and Sozlin use the waterways to travel and transport wares from port to port. Even Firehorn merchants journey across the Endless Waves; they have to if they want to reach Thirpofen in the Great Bay. Yet it isn't a well explored sea. The western peoples, even the Sozlin, prefer to stay nearby the coast. Their ships aren't capable of sailing the high seas.

Eternal Sea

The Eternal Sea is the sea east of the Forest Lands and the Boreal Lands. It has a second name - the Rising Sea - which has been given to it by the Sokans. It stems from the fact that the Sokans see the sun rises from beyond it, like it came out of the water. But that's not why the sea is so very dear to the Sokan Empire. They need it so badly because it connects all their major population centers. Hundreds of trade vessels move along the coast each year to bring people and goods from one harbor to another. The navigable waters also greatly benefit the Sokan colonization efforts by allowing them to found colonies that have easy connections to the imperial core land. Colonies like Frigid Harbor wouldn't be possible, or at least not as easy to maintain, without the ability to ship people and material to them.

It goes without saying that the glorious and mighty Sokan navy dominates this sea's coastal areas, if only those. Even the eager worshipers of the Sun have yet to attempt going eastward. They more afraid of seeing the place the Sun originates from than eager to see it. They consider it a sacred place; one that's not meant to be witnessed by mortals, not even by the Emperor. Their ships also aren't able to stray from shore; they'd keel over in the rough waters of the ocean.

Frozen Waters

It is quite obvious why these seas have been named Frozen Waters; they surround the Frozen Wastes and are located right around the north pole, which makes them frigid. Only fish that have adapted to subzero temperatures can inhabit these waters. Half of the water is solid, serves as an icy expansion to the Frozen Wastes. Many piscivorous animals live on the floes and plates, feed on the arctic fish below. No one sails these waters or has bothered exploring them by ship. It would be suicide to do so with all the icebergs around.

Great Bay

The Great Bay is in the western half of the Forest Lands, south of Verdant Valley and north of Vandell Forest. Its entrance connects it with the Endless Waves. Bay is quite an understatement; it's hundreds of miles long and wide. There are even islands within it that are so large that entire towns have been built on them. Of course there are also smaller islets and rocks; they make parts of the bay rather dangerous for shipping if one doesn't know the right paths or sails when it's dark. Most of the bay is open and easy to navigate.

The navigable, fish rich waters are greatly appreciated by those who neighbor them - the Gren and the Sozlin. They former are the official owners of the entire Great Bay, but the latter are permitted to use it freely and settle on the shores without any interference from the Gren Kingdom. While the Sozlin only send rafts and small vessel on short voyages to nearby communities, the Gren produce proper ships that can cross the the whole bay. That's quite a feat, but only possible due to the Great Bay's location. The mountains of the Vandell Forest and Varhal's Ridge prevent strong winds coming from the oceans from blowing harshly across the water, so it's relatively calm even away from shore. Another user of the Great Bay is the Firehorn Hightribe. Its merchants have to enter it to reach Thirpofen, the only port of the Gren Kingdom that may receive their ships. More information on this city can be found on the pages of the Gren Kingdom and the Forest Lands.

Great Green Bight

The Great Green Bight is located at the northeastern tip of the Searing Desert; it's the coastal region right off the Paradise Valley's coast. Its coast is beautiful; mostly flat, white beaches, some nicely shaped cliffs, and there's a lot of lush vegetation. Yet the coast can't keep up with the beauty hiding beneath the waves. Huge coral reefs are at home there, sprawl across uneven, rocky bottom of the bight. Many fish live here that originated from the tropical waters further north. Some of them are as stunning as the reefs they inhabit.

This natural beauty means nothing to those who own the Great Green Bight - the Flamewings. They catch its inhabitants to eat them and use it as a way to reach the various ports along the coast. Only the Aezkul that inhabit the eastern tip of the Aezrikka Zule truly appreciate the bight's beauty, but they have to do so in secret or risk a confrontation with the Flamewings.

Rocky Sea

The Rocky Sea is located between the Searing Desert and the Starless Jungle and bordered by the western end of the Aezrikka Zule. Its southern coast is known as the Lush Shore. The sea's name stems from the many rock formations that breach its surface and make it very dangerous to sail in darkness and without a skilled helmsman and navigator. Simply put, the sea is quite literally rocky. The rocks that poke through the water are the tips of underground mountains between the Aezrikka Zule and the Horizon's Horns. These two mountain ranges would be considered a single range, were the Rocky Sea not a sea but land. Flowing water has eroded the peaks of the underwater mountains; they look more like pillars or rounded rocks nowadays. The Rocky Sea is also rather shallow for such a large body of water.

Despite being difficult to navigate, the Rocky Sea is extremely important to the Firehorn Hightribe. Openwaters Harbor is their most important trade harbor when it comes to trading with the civilizations of the Forest Lands and its located in Lush Shore, so people that want to reach it will have to pass through at least a part of the Rocky Sea. To assist travelers and make traveling at night not entirely impossible, the Firehorns have set up multiple lighthouses on the largest rocks and smaller fires on various others to guide incoming visitors on the safest paths. In case of a naval invasion, the Firehorns would extinguish all fires and let the Rocky Sea become a natural obstacle for hostile fleets.

The only other user of the Rocky Sea next to the Firehorns and those who visit them are the Blazewhips. Waterways connect their settlements in the Lush Shore.

World's End

The narrow minded Blazkul gave this sea its name. It marks the end of the world in their eyes, because they find it hard to believe there could be anything beyond its seemingly infinite expanse. Given that the Blazkul send almost no ships across these waters won't help change that mindset. Only small, coastal vessels are on the water; their only purpose is to move people and things between small coastal communities located in the Fiery Heights. World's End is practically uncharted.