The Frozen Wastes


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The Frozen Wastes

The Frozen Wastes are Threa's polar region. It's a bleak wasteland devoid of vegetation. Nothing can survive here except predators that hunt fish or the fishers. No nation has settlements here or even bothers to lay claim it. Few even know this land exists; only Truzlin and Wolshaks that strayed too far north, daring adventurers, and Aezkul have likely ever seen this land. There's nothing to be won here and it's best to avoid it lest one might get lost among the seemingly infinite white expanse and freeze to death.


The landmass Frozen Wastes extend from from the northern edge of the Boreal Zone towards the north pole, but doesn't reach it. However, the Frozen Wastes aren't entirely made out of land. Thick ice plates extend its reach all the way to the north pole. These plates and floes are better known as the Frozen Waters. All of the landmass is covered in a thick layer of ice and snow, beneath which lie frozen dirt and cold rock. Most of the land is even, having been flattened by the ice. There's not a single mountain range massive enough to be noteworthy when compared to other ridges like Threa's Spine or the Ashen Peaks. Inland waters are extremely rare here. Everything that isn't a hot spring is frozen solid and there's only very few hot springs.


Throughout the entire year it's ice cold and far beneath zero degrees Celsius. The only known weather patterns are storms and snowfall, sometimes combined. Naturally the area is humid. Seasons have absolutely no effect on the region, but the polar winds which originate from here sometimes blow south and bring harsh winters to the rest of Threa's northern half.

Flora and Fauna

Unsurprisingly, absolutely nothing grows in these freezing temperatures. Despite the utter lack of flora, fauna found a way to exist here. Penguins, seals, Izkul, and other very well insulated or otherwise adapted creatures inhabit the region. They all have in common that they live off the few fish that can withstand the arctic waters. In the farthest north only the Izkul can live, silently ruling over a vast, empty kingdom of ice and snow.

Natural Resources

Hunting in the Frozen Wastes is surprisingly promising. Some of the peaceful, piscivorous animals that live here do so in huge groups. They're not used to being hunted by humanoids, so they're prey. Even killing Izkul is a very easy task. The kul aren't exactly strong, neither are they adapted to fighting creatures on land or at all. Of all kul that exist, they might be the easiest to slay. Fishing is an option as well. There are plenty of arctic fish but they're a bit difficult to reach. One either has to break through the ice inland to get at ridden rivers beneath or fish at the shores. The latter is more difficult because the fish don't usually come close to the surface in the open waters.

Apart from meat, blubber, and whatever else can be taken out of the various animals, the Frozen Wastes offer nothing. There's no trees to fell, no herbs to gather, and whatever useful stone or ore the wasteland has is buried deep beneath the ice. Whoever wants to excavate them would have to find a way to reach them first and to survive the freezing temperatures.

Known Locations

The Frozen Wastes are so featureless, nothing here could potentially be of any worth to an explorer. Yet it is beautiful in its own way. Natural ice sculptures and huge glaciers are certainly sights worth seeing, but that have been witnessed by very few. If a civilization ever existed in this barren region, it must have been far more advanced than any other that currently exists. As it is now, there's no point of interest worthy of note.