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The most common way to write a given date in Threa works as follows: XXX ar/br, X. Week of (Season), Xday. An example is: 467 ar, 7th Week of Spring, Duskday. The first number is the year. The ar or br determines whether it is a date after or before the Republic of the Zule has been founded. Of course different cultures have different ways to measure time, but the Aezkul way is the one used on the wiki and one that is commonly used in roleplay. If you want, you can just give a date in the Aezkul way and add that it is meant to be in the Gren year system, for example.

A Threan year consists of four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Each season begins with a day named Rise of (Season) and ends with a day named Fall of (Season). In other words, the Fall of Spring is the day before the Rise of Summer. After the Rise of (Season), the 18 weeks of the season begin. Each week consists of five days: Dawnday, Riseday, Centday, Setday, Duskday. Once the 18 weeks are over, the Fall of (Season) comes. That means each season consists of 92 days. A year thus consists of 368 days. A Threan day takes 24 hours, an hour takes 60 minutes, and a minute lasts 60 seconds. A Threan second has the same length as a second on earth.

Which season it is can be determined by counting the lunar circles. Threa has two moons. The large one takes a whole year to circle the world once. The smaller one takes a whole season. In the middle of the year, both are full at the same time.

The calendar display has to be reworked, it is thus currently not accessible. However, the calendar still works as described above.