Physical Description

- type of animal (avian, reptile, mammal, etc) - general shapes, limbs, perhaps a comparison, sexual dimorphism etc - horns, claws, teeth, their colors - outside genitalia - scale/fur colors and patterns, protective effects - senses, eye color - resistances to toxins, etc


- list races, sum up a little why they are there, etc


- difference to primary race/template - origin, reason for that difference


- how they live - how they hunt - how smart they are - if the migrate during the seasons of hibernate


- the kind of group they live in and how it is called - how the group dynamic works - who leads the group, and how is it led - how they treat other species(?)

Reproduction and Development

- how they find mates - how they mate - how they take care of eggs/young animals - how they grow up - when they are adults - life expectancy


- self explanatory